The Law Office of James R. Vaughan, P.C.

A Collection Law Firm Dedicated to the Success of our Creditor Clients

Who Is The Law Office of James R. Vaughan, P.C.?

The Law Office of James R. Vaughan, P.C. is an established collection law firm that provides professional and compliant recovery services to creditors. We create custom recovery strategies that meet the needs of our creditor clients and drive bottom-line results. We understand the relationship between satisfied consumer and account resolution and remain steadfastly focused on delivering the highest quality services that protect your brand and lead to increased recovery results. Through our proven success, we have earned a reputation for ethical and compliant contingency debt collection via litigation, including outbound collection calls, asset location, and skip tracing services that are delivered with integrity and fidelity. We focus on long-term, maximum recovery for our clients but have the expertise to make appropriate short-term decisions.

Free Consumer Resources

Achieve financial wellness by learning more about important financial topics such as debt, credit, personal finances, and more.

Settle Your Account

Our team can help you understand your settlement options and how to resolve your account.

Commercial Loans

We provide commercial collection services and litigation for lenders and assignees managing distressed commercial debts.

Our Professional Services

Our offices provide the highest quality of professional and respectful legal collections services for our clients and their consumers.

Where We Are Located

Our collection law firm represents creditors in Arizona, Nevada, and Washington. The Law Office of James R. Vaughan, P.C. is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We specialize in developing custom recovery solutions for every size portfolio and budget.