Commercial Loan Services

The Law Office of James R. Vaughan provides full-service defaulted commercial debt portfolio management. We have the knowledge and experience to diligently manage the nuanced legalities associated with commercial accounts.

B2B Collections

When accounts become distressed or defaulted, we assist lenders by exercising the creditors’ rights. We enable creditors to focus on lending operations rather than shifting vital resources to recovery efforts. Our in-house skip tracing tools, knowledgeable Account Resolution Representatives, and specialized data and research processes provide creditors with a single outsourced solution.

Litigation & Settlement Services

When litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys provide powerful representation for creditors to help enforce their rights. From filing suits to negotiating settlement agreements, our legal team will see the process through to achieve optimal results for our clients with the professionalism and empathy the situation calls for.

Judgment Enforcement Law Firm

Some accounts may call for long-term judgment enforcement actions. Legal representation is critical to achieving recoveries compliantly and successfully over the life of the judgment. When liens or other asset pursuits are necessary, our experienced skip trace team and commercial litigators will see to it that each step of the process is meticulously and professionally carried out while balancing compassion for the situation with assertive legal enforcement on behalf of our clients.

Get started with commercial portfolio management.